Motor vehicle dealer adding private planes and jets to sales inventory (by learning to fly them)

Hi, I am a private consultant and licensed auto broker in Georgia, My license includes the sale and service of all vehicles including automobiles, boats and planes. My key customers are organizations needing fleet management and specialty equipment but i service the occasional indpendent buyers. I fulfill my orders by contracting out the transport or by occasionally self operating as I have a CDL for driving tractor trailers and other heavy duty trucks. Nonetheless Ive always had a strong interest in operating machinery…especially for fun. I am currently getting a boating license with the Coast Guard and I’ve always had an interest in flying planes and helicopters. So…Would learning to fly allow me to more easily sell/market to potential private buyers of planes and jets? I am trying to determine if getting a private pilot license would be worth the investment by allowing me some operational benefits. I have the time to train and hope this does not qualify as commercial flying activity since I am not flying people for compensation. Thanks!

Just to add, in addition to the private pilot certificate you will also need to get a multi engine and instrument rating if you plan on flying jets

thanks! good to know.

Don’t forget the Type rating for jefs

Plus additional endorsements.

May as well throw in Commecial to try to get someone else to pay for some of the required time. Guess what, your now a professional pilot and neglecting your primary business if you wish to stay current. Flying jets is not a sideline. Fair skies.


That’s a tricky one. While you’re not charging them for transport or instruction, you would be demonstrating an aircraft for the purposes of selling them. Further I doubt if your insurance carrier would sign off on someone with just a PPL demoing airplanes not to mention many planes require a Type rating to fly legally. Honestly unless you’re willing to do some serious advanced training I don’t see getting your Private as being beneficial.



I would be very hesitant doing any sort of flying that could be considered commercial flying without having a license. Also, flying airplanes is not the same as driving a truck, it is a highly skilled position and one that requires a great deal of time and money to safely do. To do this properly, you would have to make a significant investment, I cannot speak to what your returns might be.


14 CFR Part 61.113(f). Not sure what your intent is but if it’s to demo aircraft for the purpose of selling them, the FARs allow it as a Privledge to a Private Pilot Certificate.

But wouldn’t that only apply insofar as a person selling a privately owned airplane, not as a business?


Trey is correct. Check the reg. Good catch.