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After skimming this forum for a few weeks, I have come to understand that the FAA has a strict regulation on health. I am very fortunate that I am healthy, however I did get a MRI done, since my doctor recommended one, to make sure I was “totally healthy and nothing was wrong that we didn’t know about”. It was free so I went along with it, now I am scared that that will be a red flag on my application? Did I make a mistake? I did email the people who give the 1st class medical and they haven’t responded and its been a week and a half, so I am asking if you guys know of this? Thanks in advance Ladies and Gentlemen, you people really do a good job on this forum answering so many questions so rapidly and you have been doing this for a few years too! Impressive!

Why would that be a red flag? Your doctor asked you to get one. Was this your primary care physician or your AME? Did you receive the results of this MRI and include it in your application? If so, there’s nothing to worry about unless the results found something, but it sounds like the results were normal.

I do think it’s a bit odd that the AME would have asked you to get an MRI if you were found to be in good health with no history that would require the MRI. Is your doctor really just taking extra safety measures, or was there something about your medical history that required the MRI? Either way, the important part is that the results came back normal. If so, again, you should be fine.



Not sure why anyone would get an MRI pwhen they didn’t need one (nor why you think it’s a problem?) but unless your MRI unveiled something and you’re withholding it from the FAA you have nothing to be concerned about.


I have never heard of doing an MRI done unless there was a reason, sounds very strange to me. I have probably had a dozen MRIs in my day. The MRI is not the issue, anything it revealed could be.

Again, a very strange procedure to do just for fun.

I’m not sure what’s more impressive, getting a free MRI or a doctor prescribing one for no reason. That said, your AME might want to see a physician’s impression since you’ve had one done, so just make sure you have that with you.

Hi Tory

I have good insurance so like I said I didnt pay for it, but if I had to pay, I would assume that the doctor is “robbing me”, but since my insurance paid for it, I guess my doctor was still making extra money, just not out of my pocket? I didnt bother to ask for the results since if the results were bad, the doctor would call me. I will now inquire to figure out the results. Thanks a ton!


I simply got scared since I know the FAA is very strict on its employees health. I didnt bother to check the results of my MRI, since if the results were bad, my doctor would have called me and told me. My insurance paid for it and not me, so I didnt think much of it, but I will now inquire. Thanks for your rapid reply.

Hello Chris

The procedure was free so I thought why not? Lets do it. Had the results been wrong, my doctor would have let me know, I will definitely check now. Thank you.

Your doc is not practicing ethically; and from the standpoint of qualifying you to fly - seems to be looking for reasons to complicate getting your First Class Med Cert. Doing a full body MRI with no medical indication is ridiculous. You’ll often find little “nodules” or “opacities” light or dark spots which are totally benign and nothing to worry about. If the radiologist makes remarks on any of them in the report, you’ll then wind up chasing down a diagnosis, perhaps with another specialist.

Are you sure they didn’t offer you the MRI? Medical clinics are businesses like any others, and sometimes they will “upsell” things. (Sadly, no different than the kid at McDonalds asking if you want fries with that.)

This just sounds bizarre.