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Multi Time Build

Hello everyone,

I was just curious, If wanted to build more Multi time after I complete the 40hour,
Could I at that point purchase a time build block as advertised without
having to pay that 10hour/4995$ standardization cost as well. Just a thought,
as I am switching to the 40hour at the new Hartford location.
thanks, Kris

The time build is single engine time to get students who have already earned a Private Pilot License and are coming to ATP starting with an instrument rating but do not have 80 hours total time. You will not be able to rent ATP aircraft to build multi time. A big plus to flight instructing at ATP is you will take your student through the entire program including the multi-portion building multi-time over the 40 hours you will finish the program with.

Thank you for the quick reply, although I’m confused, It says on the ATP website
"Build Multi-Engine time for as little as 225$ per hour, and it lets you
build a price quote, this is what I was curious about.

That is confusing… It’s an oversite on our part and we are taking that page of the website down. We no longer offer a multi-engine time build.