My 1st class

Today I had my 1st class on cessna 172 older than me… :laughing: was a great experience… !

How safe are these old cessnas?


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Do you mean your first lesson? Generally when we say 1st Class we’re talking about medicals.

There are thousands of old Cessnas and Pipers that are decades old still doing fine. All airplanes are required to have annual inspections and airplanes used for instruction or rentals require 100hr inspections as well. That said new is nice and it’s hard to argue that new isn’t more reliable and safer. ATP actually has the largest training fleets in the country and the majority of airplanes are newer models.


First lesson my medical is next.

Thank you


If the aircraft has been properly maintained, it should be fine. If corners have been cut, that is another story. As a student, it is difficult to tell this, other than by the reputation of the flight school.



Great photo, Reka! Thanks for sharing!

The 172 is arguably the safest, most reliable airplane ever built which is what makes them so popular for flight training. That said, we can get into the weeds about how “safe” airplanes are, but the big takeaway is what Chris and Adam have already mentioned. The aircraft needs to be properly maintained. I’ll even take it a step further and add that the pilot(s) need(s) to operate the aircraft properly as well. Flying is inherently dangerous which is why proper instruction and practice is so important.


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1st class of my flight training, like you advised before try to take on a small craft to see if I even like it. It was definitely exciting and nerve racking but at the end of the session I can not wait to get back. Next step will be 1st class medical and with that said will able to make an educated decision which direction I am heading.
ATP would be an excellent choice however it’s financially unattainable at this time. I have to go with small business based on other people’s experiences and have faith that the craft is in good airworthiness.

So glad to hear you had a great first lesson and can’t wait to go back. That’s a good sign. Keep us updated with how your medical goes. Totally understand not having the money for ATP quite yet. Have you applied for financing just to see if you would be approved? We just hate to see enthusiastic aviators head down the private local flight school route because if often ends up much more costly and time consuming and not getting you toward your end goal. Just something to think about…

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Yes applied for financial. However it requires a cosigner even so my credit is good it’s still $100k and not many people I know will cosign. For now at least can start and move forward…