My crew cross country experience

So today after 9 days I finished up my crew Cross Country flights. I logged a total of 34 hours. I am based out of KIWA and was paired with a student from Hayward, CA. We flew from Phoenix to San Diego, then headed north to Sacramento and back again, as well a bit of flying between Yuma and Tucson. It was a great time, and the experience I’ve gained is priceless. It was a nice repreive from the constant training. Now having just completed this portion I need to have my commercial ME rating completed 21 days from now, having never before flown a Multi-engine aircraft! I would be lying if I didn’t feel somewhat overwhelmed but I am ready to push to myself. On that note I need to get studying NOW! Lol


Very cool Robert!

Sounds like you’re having a good time. The whole thing when it comes to ME training is what happens when you lose one of the engines. Other than that it’s essentially the same except you’re moving faster. You’ll be fine.

Keep up the good work!