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My Custom Program Experience

Hey y’all! I’m originally from N. GA but decided to head out to KAPA to join ATP and finish up my training. I came into ATP with my PPL/IR on August 5th and today I finally got my CFI!

Had a blast so far and honestly I’m so happy that I’ve chosen to come here rather than elsewhere… Crew has been a great learning experience along with flying at the foothills of the rockies… Moderate turbulence and LLWS ±5 into Fort Collins is just Saturday lol. That and x-wind landings GALORE :rofl:

Anyways if anybody has any questions or worries about joining the Custom program and jumping into the fast pace of ATP ask away! 0 failures so far and I plan to keep it that way… Hopefully I’ll be done with CFII, Comm Multi, and MEI before Xmas.


Sounds like you’re doing very well. Glad you’re enjoying the program (many lose sight of the fact is supposed to be fun).

Thank you for the report. You’re in the home stretch!


Oh it’s stressful, but the fun comes from seeing what you’ve done at the end of the day and always striving for more :slight_smile: Whether that’s more knowledge or better standards, always flying for more!


Congratulations on obtaining your CFI! That is a fantastic accomplishment. It sounds like you have had a good time in the program. What is next for you?


Congratulations @thefauxfox on the CFI!

When you say “Custom Program” what exactly did that mean for you? I am aware of the Flex track program, but as the name implies is the “Custom” program something different and completely individualized?

CFII up next… Hoping to knock that out before Thanksgiving but that’s really dependent on the training center’s ability to accomodate. I KNOW I can study hard enough this next week to get it, the question is can I fly/sim enough? :slight_smile:

Custom is basically for students coming in with MORE than their PPL alone. I came w/ my IR and PPL and I got credit for both and was able to begin with a weekish of simming to build AATD time (for Comm) and then going straight to crew assessment/crew before starting at that part of my training.
From what I understand it’s very new (started back in May/June) and I’m the first one @ APA w it.

So if the flex track is “work at your pace” the custom track is more “come as you are.”

Succinct way to put it, I like it.

Anybody down there doing the Flex yet? Last time I called they said no one at started on it.

I don’t know of anybody specifically at APA but I feel like it was mentioned once in the last few weeks… Or maybe that was me reading here on the forums haha :slight_smile:

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