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Hello everyone, I hope this discussion finds you well. I am a 21 y/o I turn 22 December 14th. I am excited to become a Pilot. I desire to fly for UPS or for Delta Airlines. I am desiring to go ahead and start my career, I have completed my ground school earlier this year. I have not been able to fly as much because of work. With that being said I would not mind starting from ground zero in the program.

The first topic I would like clarity on is acquiring a Bachelors degree. I would like to fly for major airlines, so is the Bachelors degree absolutely required in order to do so? I do understand the degree does not have to be in aviation. Secondly, when getting a loan from Sallie Mae, how soon will we be paying back the loan after completing the program? Will I be able to pay the loan while being a CFI?

While being in the program, what will be the pace of ATP?

Thank you so much!


If your goal is to fly for UPS and more particularly Delta, AND you know it doesn’t matter the field of study, then you should also know you WILL need a 4yr Bachelors degree. The airlines you’re targeting literally represent the pinnacle of this industry and they attract alot of talent. All of whom don’t just meet their min requirements, they exceed them.

The loan payments will become due once you complete your training. While it’s not easy, you should be able to make payments while you’re instructing but we obviously don’t know what your expenses or finances are like. While your instructing you also may be able to get a conditional offer from one of the Regionals which may also provide you with Tuition Reimbursement which would assist in paying back your loan. It also may be possible to defer your payments until you’re flying for a Regional but you would incur more interest.

ATPs Airline Career Pilot Program was designed to replicate the pace of the airlines which is to say it’s highly accelerated. Training that traditionally takes years is compressed into only 7mos. It will require you to study and work harder than you probably ever have. The goal is not simply for you to complete your training, but to do so at a pace that will prepare you for the airlines.


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I just want to point out that the loan payments can be deferred until after you complete the program, however, keep in mind that interest accrues immediately.

And as Adam mentioned, Tuition Reimbursement is designed to help you make your loan payments. While certainly not required that you participate, but if you choose to do so you will want to target an affiliated regional airline that offers tuition reimbursement as early as possible.

More info about ATP’s regional partners and their associated programs can be found on ATP’s website or by calling Admin during normal business hours.