My Son wants to become a pilot

Hey guys, I’m new on this forum. My son wants to become a pilot but I’m a little concerned. Here a few questions.

1: Job security. If my son gets this job would his job be secured forever?

2: Safety. Safety is really important to me. So is this job safe? Also, the 737 max accidents scare me alot.

3: Jobs. Are they enough jobs out there because flight school is really expensive.

4: Salary: The salary doesn’t have to be really good, but can you make a living doing this job.

5: Health: Does flying take a toll on your body.

6: Demand: Is the job declining or growing because when i look at bls there is a 4 percent grow for pilots.

7: Industry: How is the industry right now. Is it stable?

Sorry for the long questions. I remember way back in 2010 my friends daughter wanted to become a pilot she spent about 4 years in college and 2 years in flight school but still went unemployed for about 2 years. Thank you.


First and foremost this industry has changed dramatically since 2010. There’s currently a pilot shortage and it’s possibly the best time in history to become a pilot. That said things can and do change. Same goes for virtually EVERY other potential career and industry.

  1. Again few careers offer lifetime job security. While the industry is strong right now the economy, oil prices and incidents like terrorism can dramatically impact ones career. Further a pilot must maintain a medical in order to fly. If he gets sick and loses that he loses his job. That however is a great incentive to maintain a good level of health. If lifetime job security is a primary concern government and civil servant jobs are probably best.

  2. Aviation is the safest form of transportation there is. When a plane crashes it’s big news but that’s really because it’s so rare. 3.5 BILLION people fly every year with tens of thousand of flights daily. Do planes crash IN THE US daily? Weekly? Yearly? The US hasn’t had a fatal airline crash in years. If you want to keep your son safe don’t let him drive to work. Over 3,000 people die in car crashes every day.

  3. As I said this is the best time there’s ever been. If your son is successful in his training he will get hired.

  4. Captains at Major airlines earn close to $400k. I consider that a solid living.

  5. Depends on the flying but yes studies have shown that long haul, redeye flying can affect ones health. Again a great reason to keep yourself healthy (exercise and diet) to combat the effects or simply don’t do it. I did it for a while, didn’t like it so I bid for something else.

  6. Not sure where you’re looking but yes it’s growing and is forecast to continue but that could stop and turn tomorrow. There are zero guarantees.

  7. Answered above.


Thank you Adam for your answer.


  1. No, absolutely not. The airline industry has ups and downs, but so does any industry. We have seen this with IT, farming, railroads and the airlines. But really, no job is ever truly secure.

  2. The US runs the absolute safest air system in the world. Crashes are very few and far between, that is why they make the news.

  3. Currently, yes. The airline industry is growing and actively hiring pilots.

  4. Yes, please check out the FAQ section as there is a detailed post there on pilot pay.

  5. Yes, but again other jobs do as well. I have found domestic flying to be far easier on my body than international flying was.

  6. Growing, with no real signs of slowing anytime soon.

  7. Yes, it is stable now, but again this is not an industry that is known for stability.

I would encourage your son to join this website, we would be happy to discuss with him as well.



  1. No. Is anything secure forever?

  2. The safest in the world, relative to other foreign airlines.

  3. It has been predicted that the pilot shortage will continue for at least the next two decades.

  4. Yep. Pay has never been better.

  5. Sitting for long periods at a time takes a toll on the body. So does irregular sleep schedules. Better schedules comes with seniority.

  6. The airline industry is cyclical. Right now pilots are in high demand.

  7. It never has been.

2010 was a different time. The shortage didn’t take full swing until 2013-2014.