My update!

Continuing the discussion from Livermore Location - Update 9/5:

Hey all,
Just an update… So I’ve completed the core of the program (PVT-COMME and COMSE). And I start cfi school on Monday!! Looking forward to instructing sooner than soon!

Again this has been a dream come true thus far and I’m still keeping my eye on the prize!

congrats! How much time would you say, that you put aside on your own to study? I’ve heard from some youtube ATP students that ground is just meeting with instructors and they tell you what to study on your own, for the next lesson. Has this been your experience?

Congrats again Earv! You’ve come a long way and should be very proud. Keep it up.



Wow, it seems like not so long ago that you were thinking about when you should start, time sure does fly. Thanks for the update and stay in touch!