Nailing all the FAA written required exams before attending ATP

Not sure if I should nail all the tests now, and then start ATP

Or take the exams one by one as I go.

This is because I am worried I may forget the material… if I study for the exams for say 3? months then start ATP later on.

If I do them as I go, sure it will be more stressful, but at least the material is fresh on my mind.

So what route should I take do you think? for other students who did either?

I did them as I went because I didn’t have time to prepare for them prior to starting. However the tests don’t really mean much in the sense that you should just study to pass the tests. Everything in the test will be covered during your training in one way or another in a more practical/useful aspect


Everyone that took the tests prior to starting the program were glad they did. As Josh said, the tests are more of a formality. They can be passed with basic memorization. The knowledge aspect of flight training will be taught once you start the program. So, I suggest taking the tests beforehand if you have the time.



Hi ATPhopeful,

From the perspective of someone who started the program in March, and just took their PAR written exam this morning (about 2 hours ago), I would recommend getting it out of the way prior to coming.

That said, do not stress about it if you are unable to complete them prior to your start date as many students complete them about a month or so into training. As you’ll see by reading through this forum, the ATP program is very intense study wise, so anything that you can do to reduce your workload prior to your start date will only benefit you. Once you begin the program you’re going to have a lot of other material (pertaining to your actual flying lessons) to read, memorize and study, so my advice would be to knockout the tests while the information is fresh in your mind.

As I stated earlier, if you cannot take the test prior to starting the most important thing to do is not let it stress you out. Set aside a certain amount of hours in the day to study for the written tests and complete practice exams. One positive that I can say in regards to taking the PAR after my start date is that a lot of the information made more sense once I began my actual flying, so either way you’ll be fine as long as you apply yourself.



The tests don’t really coincide with any curriculum. If you can take the tests prior you most certainly should as it will help you manage the workload far more than any retention you might have. This is why ATP STATES: “ATP encourages students to complete all of their FAA Airman Knowledge Tests before the program begins”



I would recommend taking the writtens before starting the program. Crazy as it sounds, the material on the written exams does not directly correlate to the material you will need to learn for the actual flying portion of your training. Get the writtens done and then you can focus on what you really need to learn.



Where can I get the info I need to pass the written exams?

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I recommend you spend some quality time on the ATP website. There a wealth of great info on there.



Well, it’s been 7 months since I made this post, and I did end up taking all the writtens beforehand.

This will help you

I love it when people actually take our advice :slight_smile: