National aviation events that you would recommend

Hi just wondering if there are a list of national aviation conferences listed anywhere and which ones you would recommend one to attend or check out?


There are many different conferences for many different levels of aviation. What would your goal be in attending a conference? Talking to recruiters, simply learning about airplanes, learning about general aviation, etc?


More or so learning about the career and meeting recruiters too. Not so much learning about airplanes.


There are job fairs like:

Women in Aviation
Organization of Black Airline Pilots
Gay Pilots Association

Other than that, you will have to look for job events in your area by checking with the various regional airline’s websites.

For learning about the career, I would point out that you have three mentors right here on this website that are happy to answer any questions that you have.


I attended the Northwest Aviation Career Forum a couple weeks ago. I got to spend about 25 minutes talking with two Horizon Air captains. They offered some great advice and encouragement for achieving my goals, then uploaded my resume to the Alaska Group portal so HR already has a record on me. I have a phone appointment with HR on Thursday.

I’ve attended the Northwest Aviation Career Forum as well. There’s a lot more companies that participate than just Alaska. This link has the full list: