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Navy veteran/ A&P mechanic

Hi there! I am 28, navy veteran who recently just finished my A&P license. I am interested in diving into a flight school and eventually, being a commercial pilot for a regional and then major airline. My question would be do I need to finish my bachelors (roughly 30hrs away) and then begin flight training? Or are my A&P two associates degrees ok? I want to go to ATP but don’t think I will be able to due to money (using my 9/11 gi bill) so I’m looking at Tarrant county college program or another local flight schools nearby. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!


What order your do your flight training and college in is up to you, some people finish first, others finish college online while working for a regional airline.

You will not need a degree to get hired at the regional airlines, but you will absolutely need to complete your bachelor’s degree to be eligible for the major airlines.


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Ok great! Thank you for the help & love the forum! Tons of helpful information!