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NDR and Driving Record

Good afternoon,

I know this topic has been covered but I wanted to ask a similar question with my specific circumstances because it has not been convered in any previous forum. I plan on starting ATP in August, but started to become concerned when I read a recent post about your driving record.

In 2012 when I was 17, I got pulled over only once and received a “no u-turn” ticket and an “improper driving” ticket in the same stop. In New York, a new driver is on probabtion for six months and if he receives two tickets, his/her license becomes suspended for 60 days. So, mine was suspended, but only for 30 days. My concern is how bad will it look to the airlines that my license was suspended. I also read that suspended, revoked, or serious driving offenses are reported to the NDR (national driving register) and that looks really bad to airlines. I’m not sure if mine was reported because it was minor and I was considered a new driver on probation, but if anyone has experience please shed some light on this and how airlines react to a recent suspension.

Thank you all in advance.


First I wouldn’t guess, I’d get myself a copy of my record. Second (while there’s no guarantees) IF you’ve remained clean since then I wouldn’t worry too much. That was 5 yrs ago and it’ll be another 2 before you’re near an airline. That’ll make it 7 yrs and it was when your were a new driver. If/when it comes up you simply explain and own it and you shouldn’t have an issue. That said being that it is on there I would be driving like the proverbial “little old lady from Pasadena” if I were you.


Thank you for the fast reply and since that day my record has been clean and I intend to continue that progress. If my name is on the NDR do you think I will have a problem?

Thank you again,



Honestly it doesn’t really matter either way (I’d just want to know what it says for myself). It will be asked on the application and you should always answer honestly. They’ll be a place to explain and you’ll do so. Again it was when you were 17, things happen. The main thing they’re looking for is a pattern of bad behavior. If it’s a one shot deal AND it wasn’t for anything really bad (drugs, alcohol, etc) I believe you’ll be fine.


That is good to hear. Thank you again Adam for your help and I hope you have a great day. You were very helpful.

My pleasure sir and you too. Today’s going to be a great day. Flying to JFK this afternoon where I’ve watched planes takeoff and land my entire life but never piloted one in there myself until today!

Muy excited!


That sounds great and is something I hope to do one day myself… I’ll keep an eye out for you! (I can see JFK traffic from my home)… Hope you have a great flight!

Just keep an eye out for the Pualani tail around 0630 Thurs am. Give a wave :slight_smile: