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Hi Guys , I’m a 25 years DOT driver. I be been have the urge to fly for about 2 years. ATP is the closest school I know the cost and time it’ll take. I wanted to know if this plan would be a good way. To be the most successful.

My plan is to over next 3yrs , by 28 yrs old have $40k saved up for living expenses(rent,car ) over the 9 months of training. So I can spend most my time study flying and training. Also get my credit score up so I can take out a loan.

Is this a good plan? To go with


The best plan is the plan that works best for you.

Keep in mind that seniority is everything at the airlines and by waiting 3yrs you’ll be sacrificing quite a bit vs taking out loans and starting now. That said not everyone can just drop everything and start and you also don’t want to be stressing anything but your training while your training so if that plan makes you comfortable it’s a good one.


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Thank you for feedback, considering your statement about seniority. I’m going to revise and try to come will a plan that can workout sooner. During this time , from you experience what are things I should research/study before hand. Ex: physics… etc.


To save about $40k seems like a good number. Do take in consideration that as of today (March 6), ATP does have a smart loan option with Sallie Mae that you can finance some monthly living expenses in times where you don’t have to use your own funds. We always recommend reaching out to Kirk at the finance team, for any questions related to financial.

As Adam said, the best plan is the one that works for you. The next question I could foresee in a thread (whether this one or very shortly) is, “what location is best for me,” and to answer that, it’s the location that best fits you.

To direct your question about research/study, I recommend you checking out the FAQs on the forum, as there are tons of postings related to this.


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There really is not much you can do between now and three years out. When you get within about one year, you can start working on the FAA written exams.