Need advice as an interested career moving on

Hello Everyone, my name is Katherine Au and I’m 19 years old. I am currently a sophomore at a Rutgers University in NJ. This is my first time here and I am very interested in becoming a pilot but I’m still deciding on how to achieve this goal. Coming in with zero aviation experience I was thinking about going through ATP school after graduating. However I’m not too sure about what I should major in. Also since I don’t have the best financial situation, I was wondering if ATP would be the best choice for me.


A couple of thoughts. First I recommend you visit the FAQ section as we explain the process and answer many other common questions.

Second, major in whatever you like. The Major airlines desire a 4yr degree but don’t care as to the field of study. We always recommend you choose something you enjoy and possibly could be a Plan B if for whatever reason aviation doesn’t work out.

Finally as far as finances are concerned flight training is never cheap. While you may find some less expensive options in the long run ATP is actually a really good deal, not just for their quality but financially as well. ATP has agreements with many Regionals which makes Tuition Reimbursement an option. Further there’s simply no faster route to the airlines putting you in a position to be making money rather than spending it sooner.