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Hello, I’m 29 years old and I’m a lineman. I want to get out of the industry and make career change but not sure how to do so with a family and all the Bill’s that never stop. Want to ask and see if I could get some pointers on how I would be able to attend ATP full time and keep the Bill’s paid…

Been there done that got the tshirt…first off…make a budget…strip out any unnecessary spending… car payments and credit cards are the worst… Start living frugally… cancel cable TV and any other nonessentials… Cook all meals at home and brown bag it at work…don’t spend $5 for a cup.of coffee… start by paying down the debt that is the smallest… Then roll that payment into the next lowest balance… snowball effect…once debts are paid, roll the money used to pay down your debt into savings for at least 6 months living expenses… Best to not get or be in debt for flight training if possible…if a loan is needed, be sure that is the only thing… Debt will kill your dreams…just my 2c


I think you mean “bills” not “Bill’s” :slight_smile:

I recommend speaking with the finance department as they will have some options for you. One thing they might recommend is taking out an additional stipend per month as part of the loan package. This is extra money that can be used for whatever you need.



Not saying it’s easy but it really just comes down to planning and tightening. As the others have said you need to eliminate as much excess as you can (eating out, new clothes, unnecessary trips, etc) and if you don’t have the funds perhaps take out additional money in the loan. Again not easy but doable.


Sorry Chris auto correct, I have paid off the house, truck and both cars so I think I’m on the right track. The stipend thing I didn’t know about but will definitely look into it. Thanks everyone for the advice…

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Wow…that’s amazing you paid off your mortgage too! Looks like youre headed in the right direction.