Need some insight in this program thanks

Can someone who’s has gone through this program explain to me how this ATP 9 month fast track program works ?

How are the classes and academics are taught?
What are the the time lenghts between each certifications?
Will I be a airline pilot in 9 months if I pass the courses?
What do I need to study any links or sites for information to get a upper hand in this course ?
Do I need to
Pay any money upfront to start this course ?

What are my chances of getting a loan approved for this course ?

Do I need to commit full time into this course ?
Will I earn all my hours and certification with the 80000 dollar fee this course has to be a airline pilot ?


  1. ATP uses Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo. These are unsecured loans so you need exceptional credit and more times than not a cosigner.

  2. Not sure your question? In general everyday they’ll be some book work, sim and actual flight training.

  3. Please visit the ATP website for a detailed timeline.

  4. Not even close. To fly for an airline in the US you must have at least 1500hrs of flight time. After the 9mos you’ll have approx 250hrs. You then will need to build the required flight time. The most common route is by instructing and ATP offers all their successful students instructor positions.

  5. There’s TONS to study but you’ll be provided with all the material once you enroll and select a start date.

  6. You need to give a deposit yes.

  7. see #1

  8. Absolutely! ATPs program is highly accelerated and can be very challenging. Attempting to work or do anything else will most likely result in failure.

  9. see #4

Based on your questions I strongly recommend you spend some quality time on ATPs website. Much of this information and more is all spelled out very clearly there.