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Needing some info

Hello, I am 21 years old and have attended 2 semesters of college and ive been looking at flight schools I have no flight experience except for a buddy of mine who owns and flies personal planes and has shown me a few things but aside from that I don’t have any experience I was wondering how I go about the process of flying commercially I have wanted to fly commercial since I was 11 and have been pursuing it what are the steps it takes to go from zero to 30,000ft so to speak


There are actually MANY MANY posts on this forum that outline the process but in short it goes like this:
Flight training to earn your licenses and ratings
Build time to 1500hrs: this is the min required to fly for a Regional. The most common route is flight instruction.
Get hired at a Regional
Upgrade to Capt at Regional and build some Command time
Get hired at a Major and live happily ever after.


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