Negative aspects of career

Hello I am new to this forum. I have an interest in aviation, but I’m sure there are a number of great reasons to become a pilot, but I’m sure as any job there are negative reasons as well. So with that being said will I be away from family ? Is it hard to find a job once I have enough flight experience from a flight school? Is there a change that I will have no weekends off? Are u on standby duty ? I’m assuming a lot of layover ? Can your homebase change ?


I recommend you spend some time reading through the posts on this forum as all your questions have been discussed at length many times. But in short:
Not now
In the beginning
Yes (same question as your first?)


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Yes, you will be spending a great deal of time away from your family as an airline pilot, up to 18 days per month. But you will also have those other 12-16 days completely off and free from obligation.

Right now the hiring environment is great and assuming you check all of the appropriate boxes, it is pretty easy to get a job with a regional airline.

Until you build seniority, you should expect to work nearly every weekend.

When pilots are new hires they are typically on reserve, which is standby duty.

Yes, your home base can change, but it generally doesn’t.