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I appreciate the responses I received in my last question! I’m sorry I keep asking so many haha. This time I wanted to ask how each of you networked within the industry? I would like some advice cause I know networking is very important in this field. Thanks!


This one is easy. Just be nice and conduct yourself as a professional and the networking will come to you. NO ONE ever wants to feel used so actively requesting “friends” and asking “hey could you…” never plays. I’ve never asked for a single Letter of Recommendation in my life. They all came unsolicited from people I knew and worked with who wanted to help me.

That aside aviation conferences are a great way to meet people IN PERSON and establish relationships.


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There are tons of social networking platforms out there (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook) and like the one you’re currently posting this question too. I know I’ve met a lot of friendly aviators from all ranges of careers by hanging in my local hometown airport’s FBO and even at my training center’s FBO. You’d be surprised who you could meet when you visit an airport’s FBO, even a diner close by the airport.


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Early on it is all about meeting people at your local airports. Help put a plane in a hanger, talk to the fuelers, hangout and that will lead to job opportunities or just fun flying hours you can log. Not to mention making friends and having fun.

Once you start looking for bigger jobs or the Airlines you can go to events like OshKosh, Sun&Fun, WIA, OBAP, NBAA and many others. Other big air shows sometimes have booths as well.

Volunteer for aviation events. I help at 99s and WIA meetings.

Anytime you get someone’s info make sure to save it in your phone. If they become a good friend or solid business contact, send a card or message during the holidays.

There are also many websites & FB pages like Aviation Career Mentorship & Corporate Aviation Job Listings that are a good place to network and find jobs.

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Do not be sorry for asking questions, that is the whole point of this website :slight_smile:

I had two sets of networks running in parallel when I was coming up throughs the ranks of aviation. The first was my family network. Most of the men in my family have been pilots, my father is one, etc. I grew connections through that network. Now clearly not everybody will have this available to them.

The second network I had was one that I grew internally on my own. This was not anything particularly difficult to do, it was simply making friends along the way, being nice to people, talking with jumps eaters, etc. Just be a decent person and you will build your own network.


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Being genuine wherever you go is what gets noticed. When someone recognizes your hard work and character, they will want to help you. With that being said, when you meet people in FBOs or on the ramp be outgoing. Ask about them, their career, their airplane, etc…. Not how they can help you. If things go well, they may offer a business card. If so, follow up with a thank you text or email letting them know you appreciated their time. It’s these kind of intentional small acts that get noticed.




You’ll build relationships with other students and CFIs at whichever school you end up going to. It would be in your best interest to get to know them, especially the ones that are ahead of you as they may be the ones that get to the airlines before you do. If so, they’ll be good internal references for you.