New Milwaukee location

Hello all, I have been posting more in this forum as I prepare to make my deposit and enroll in the program. I want to lock in my start date ASAP, but the location I want to attend does not open for a month, at least as I was told by an enrollment coordinator. If there are already plans to open a location, is there any chance that it won’t be operational by the time I was told or that it won’t open at all? I apologize if this is a remedial question, but I’m just very eager to get my process begun. At least I’m being humbled by patience while I wait…


ATP has been in business for over 35yrs. Alot of thought, preparation and money goes into opening a new location. If they say they’ll be open in a month they will be.




If ATP says they will open at a certain time, that is when they will open. They have been in business for a very long time and opening new locations is nothing new for them.

If your intended start date is only month or so away, I would suggest putting your deposit down now so you can secure your class date and start looking at the online training modules.


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Thank you both for the responses. My start date isnt until November, sorry if I miscommunicated that. But the location I want to attend doesn’t open for another month. I’m hoping to put my deposit down as soon as it opens so I can start preparing for my written exams.

Is this in Milwaukee wi? If so I would like to know more potential info on this location.

Have you contacted the admissions department lately? I’m not sure of the answer but you may be able to put down your deposit to start getting access to study materials even before it opens. Give them a call and see what they can do. They will love your initiative trying to get ahead.



We are looking to open the Milwaukee location early next month. Since you are not looking to start until November, we can go ahead and take your deposit to set up the start date even though the location is not quite open yet.

Feel free to give us a call at 904-595-7950 and we would be happy to assist!