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New rules could bump emotional-support animals from planes

It is about time, the “emotional support pets” have gotten out of hand in recent years.


I never knew that “emotional support pets” was a thing. Out of the many times I have flown commercially, I rarely see service dogs let alone “emotional support pets.” I have a feeling this isn’t going to sit well with the general public.


If the general public did not exploit and abuse the policy and actually respected people who have legitimate health issues this would never have been a problem.


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Yeah that seems to always be the case. When people take these animals on board, do your procedure change? I can’t imagine travelling with an animal, human babies can be a pain sometimes. But then again I can’t try to relate because the only pet I’ve had was a fish.


Has nothing to do with us upfront. In most cases we’re not even aware but it can be an issue for the FAs.


It’s crazy how many people abuse getting an emotional support pet in college too… they are extremely easy to get and people just want a pet without paying for a pet fee

I currently work for TPA Airport Authority and we had big issues with the public brining their pets to greet arriving passengers. We tightened up the rules and enforce them but it is challenging when people refer to their pets as ‘emotional support’. Having consistent rules across the airlines will also help the airports. It is currently very easy for someone to go onto eBay and buy an emotional support vest to go on their pet.


I saw one of those B.S. vests on NJ Transit today. Such a joke.