New student!

Hi Everyone! I want to introduce myself. My name is Franz and I Just started the fast track ATP program 2 weeks ago and loving it! Left a sales career to finally a childhood dream. I appreciate everyone’s input here and it has helped me the past few months getting ready for this program. In terms of goal airlines, frontier and avelo are definitely in the front running but also endeavors and envoys program also sound very nice. I keep researching everyday even though I’m a little far away right now in terms of being able to apply and accept offers. Any input on what’s going on with airlines in terms of recruiting is highly appreciated. Looking forward to continuing this journey and updating all of you.



Welcome and congrats on taking the single best step you can take towards an airline career. Glad you’re enjoying.

As for my advise, being that this is Week 2 of your training I strongly recommend you stop thinking about where you might end up 2yrs from now and focus on your training. I’m more than certain there’s something you could be studying or reviewing that is infinitely more important at this very moment.

Fact: if you somehow were able to predict what the best airline will be when you’re ready it won’t matter a lick if you’re unsuccessful in your training.


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Welcome to the forum and thank you for introducing yourself.

I would absolutely stop looking at airlines and 100% focus on your flight training. I know it is exciting to think about which airline you might end up at, but there will be plenty of time for that later. Right now you should be focused on computer modules, written exams, chair flying, etc. Doo keep in mind that the airline landscape could really change over the next year or two.

Please do keep us up to date on your training.


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Welcome to the forum Franz!
Happy to hear you’ve made the leap in to the greatest career :slight_smile:
The first two weeks can be the most difficult just managing work load and priorities. The best advice I have is to focus on being prepared for each flight first. Do the studying and have the knowledge down so in the airplane all you’re doing is learning the muscle memory. Don’t want to waste a single minute of airplane time on things you should have learned in the ground. Then do modules and written exam prep in your own free time. Best of luck! Please keep us updated!

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