Next step at 1300 hours

Hello I’m a 1300 hour single engine commercial, instrument and helicopter commercial pilot. I’m also a soon to be helicopter instrument and multi instrument commercial. I was wondering if there were any programs for non military pilots to get started in the regionals while being short around 200 hours for an atp rating. Also I do not have a college degree will that be an issue getting into the majors? Thanks!

Reiss, *follow the link down they also have a option for civilian pilots.

As for the degree it’s really very simple. The Majors desire a 4yr Degree. If there’s something they want and you don’t have it then yes that can be an issue.


Thanks Adam i will look into that.

Republic will pay for last 100hr.


The majors want to see a college degree. There are of course those that have gotten in without one, but they are few and far between. I would suggest that after you get to a regional airline, you begin working on a degree. Many before you have done just this.