Night landings substituted for night hours

I’m a little fuzzy on this topic…
I have 1200 hours total time, 90 night hours…I qualify for the restricted ATP at 1250… the regional that I’m going to said I need a total of 1225 before entering ATP/CTP because I will get 25 hours of Sim training that I can count towards the 1250.
My question is… If You can substitute night landings for night hours (Up to 25 hours)
Does that mean technically I have 1225 hours? Or does that just mean I can use those landings to for fill the rest of my night requirement?
Hope this makes sense I can’t seem to find an answer!


The latter. Night landings can only be credited towards night time, not total time.


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How do you land at night,what is the procedure.


Not sure I understand your question? It’s the same as landing during the day except it’s dark. Kind of the same way you drive your car at night.


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Exactly the same as you do during the day, just with the help of really bright landing lights.

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