No experience. Where to start

I’m wondering how to start into all of this. I have wanted to become a pilot for a long time but haven’t committed anything due to fear of debt. I’m sick of going from job to job knowing I could have a career I would enjoy. I’m asking what the first steps to becoming a pilot would be. Could I just go into a flight school or do I need to get my PPL before I can even do that? What steps should I take to make this my career?

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The first thing you need to do is a little reading. There is a wealth of information on this forum including the answer to your question. Pilot training isn’t easy and requires a fair amount of self-study that means you often have to find the info for yourself. This is a good place to start:



Please take a look at the FAQ section as most of your questions are answered there. After that, we would be happy to help you with specific questions.


Adam I appreciate the link, that’s pretty much just what I was looking for.

Does Sac State have aviation programs?

I don’t know do they?


I don’t know but can you check?

Google is your best friend…short answer for you no they do not.


Can’t you check?



Damn you right