No wife, no life, let's fly

Is training only done 5 days a week or can I go hard and do a 7 day schedule? If so and my instructor only wants to go 5 days can I tag team with an available instructor the other 2 days? I think I would be able to complete the training in less than the 9 months if I had an instructor/instructors that were willing.


Typically you can find instructors who want to build more time to do extra flying on the weekends. HOWEVER, while this sounds like a great idea sitting on your couch right now pondering how quickly you want to bang this out many students look forward to their down time and use it to study or decompress. The program can be pretty rigorous.



You will probably be able to fly on weekends if you would like to. Keep in mind that it isn’t just about flying though and it isn’t a race, you will also need to spend serious time hitting the books.