Non-military Crisis Deployment

I completely understand the need to not work while enrolled in ATP. I’ve been working medical crisis deployments since 2001. With hurricane season approaching, the chances of getting deployed increase. Deployments can last a few days or a few months. It really isn’t about the money for me, but finally being happy in my career and my life. I’m used to long hours and hectic schedules and being verbally and physically assaulted by patients and visitors, but hurricanes are a different ballgame. So, my question is what happens if I get called to deploy. If I accept the deployment, am I out of ATP all together, or can I return and pick up where I left off?


That’s really a question for ATP admin but let me say this. Since it’s up to you whether to accept or not that essentially means your voluntarily resigning from the program. Further it would literally be impossible for you to take a break and pick up later where you left off. The program is highly accelerated and is dependant on consistency.

Bottomline I would not start the program if you have any plans to accept any deployments. You need to decide what you want to do.


Thank you.
Two weeks ago I had no idea ATP existed and was looking at deployments. I’m at the point the I could handle one more run, but I would really like to finally do something for myself.


Once you start training, you shouldn’t take any gaps. Aviation is a largely muscle memory oriented profession, especially in the beginning. You could be proficient but if you take a month or more off, suddenly you return and you’ve lost a significant amount of your skills.

If you’re going to commit to ATP, you’re gonna to need to commit to at least 7 months without interruption. It would be best to set aside two years to complete training and time building and get to a regional. Once you’re there, they will work with you regarding deployments and currency.


Thank you so much Hannah! I know I didn’t word my question very well, but you nailed the answer I needed!

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ATP will of course work with people who are on military deployment, but yours a choice and thus you would not be able to take a leave for such. As the others have mentioned, it would not be in your best interest anyways as pilot training works best when it is done on a consistent, steady basis.