Non-US citizen pilot training at ATP

Hy everyone,

( i might ve asked before I dont know whether it has been posted I’d a net problem)

I’m new to this blog. I’m from India. I’ ve seen a reply at your blog for a foreign student. Where he asked about an instructor job at ATP. I just want to ask the same.If completed my ratings from ATP through professional pilot program and completed the three levels of flight instructor ratings and if found eligible and worthy will I be offered a job interview… AND IN THAT REPLY A PILOT MENTOR AS SAID " He should acquire a work visa before being offered as a flight instructor and sponsored by regional airline. But work visas for foreign pilots are given only after the employer shows proof the offer of employment right, sir? Could please walk me through my obscurity in this…

And also lately I talked with a representative from ATP. He said “we re not offering instructor courses for foreign students. But they re planning to introduce it around 2018”. This contradict with the reply that was given by a pilot mentor to a foreign student.

And myself I m hoping to start my pilot training as soon as I finish my UG degree which will get over by mid 2018 here at my home country. So currently I’m doing my research for possible ways of effective training.

Kindly bear my long query. And thanks for your patience!!


As it stands right now, ATP does not offer the standard ACPP program to foreign students. We cannot get you a work visa to instruct here and the US Airlines aren’t currently hiring foreign pilots. We have an International ACPP Program but it does not give you the CFI ratings, you would finish with Multi Engine Commercial Instrument.

Okay and is the plan to introduce CFI ratings to foreign students from 2018 is it real…?or Is there any possibility that you’ll make it available for foreign students in near future… Because as I said I it heard from a representative of ATP over call.

It is something they are trying to add to the program and it may happen in the next year or two. Contact the International ATP rep for more information. I was just stating as for right now, it’s not something we can do.,

Thank You Zac for your time :+1: