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Not getting to a regional!

What are some things that keep a cfi from getting to a regional airline? (excluding the obvious of not meeting the mins)

Tre, The Regionals are hiring like crazy but they do still have standards. A few items that might get in the way:

  1. Criminal record (incl DUI/DWI). This is probably the #1 item on the list. People LOVE to say “oh but I was young and stupid”. Well guess what? Airlines don’t like putting stupid people into the cockpits of $30mil jets with 50-90 people in their charge plus Canada won’t even let you visit.

  2. Multiple Checkride Failures: While anyone can have a bad flight (or 2) more than that and questions need to be asked. The Colgan crash which led to the 1500hr rule highlighted the fact that the Capt had 5 busts on his record. While I hate to point fingers there’s clearly a correlation to be made.

  3. Bad Attitude: This one is kind of vague but no one wants to fly with an obnoxious peckerhead and since most interviews are conducted by other pilots, if they smell it on you it could be a problem. Soooo, try and be humble and nice (even if it’s an act).

That’s really all that comes to mind. I’m sure people will chime in with more.