Not so great credit with no cosigner

I’m feeling a bit discouraged as this has become my dream yet I can’t turn to anyone for help. I have high credit cards that im paying down at the moment, it could take years to have my debt fully paid.

Any recommendations?


Unless you have years of great credit history, most people require a cosigner since it’s a large unsecured loan. Have you talked to the finance department to discuss your options? The TSS position could be something you might be interested in. If a position is open, you can apply. It’s competitive but if you’re hired, you work two years in the position with ATP. After that, you will get approved for the loan and transition to a full time student.


Thanks so much Hannah! I appreciate your advice so much, I will look into it :slight_smile:


Idk what got you in CC debt that will “take years to pay off”… but there is only one long term solution.

Do NOT take on more high risk debt… like a +$100k unsecured loan at +10% interest rate. Especially not before having a solid understanding of financial planning and the ability to make and stick to a budget.

I’d look into Dave Ramsey, how to Debt Snowball, and really cut down on your budget to tackle the debt you already have. Consider debt transfers to new CC to delay interest penalties (usually for a 3% fee but way cheaper than 30% interest rate).

I never got into CC debt, but I had roommates, traded my $60k truck for a $10k beater, ate lots of spaghetti and so on for about 3 years starting this career. I had a co-signer with a 750 credit score.

I’m not saying this to be mean, just don’t want you to end up in an even worse financial position than you already are.

Consult a Financial Planner with a fiduciary responsibility (must work in your best interest) See what resources are available to you.
I wish you the best of luck,

Chris F