November ‘21 Schedule: CQ

About 83 credits for the month.

Enjoyed a nice early Thanksgiving celebration with family in California. We brought our son with us. It was his first flight and he did awesome!

Had CQ this month. I like CQ. Most don’t. I always enjoy going in not knowing what the scenario will be. Plus the extra training we receive afterwards is fun. This year we demonstrated high altitude stall recovery, upset recovery training and visual approaches with 30kt crosswinds in MFR.



Thanks for posting, Tory! The visual is always helpful. :yum:

What does JCQ, JSMQ, JSCQ, and GS stand for? I assume DHA is deadhead.


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Keep in mind that these abbreviations are not universal, but here you go:

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And the M/S/MS’s with times at the bottom of your flying days?

M = Memo
S = Crew Swap

Most of the memos are just flight confirmation codes for my deadhead flights

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Would you consider this to be a senior schedule having all those weekends off? And does CQ usually take place at your hub or were you out of town those days as well? Trying to really take a deep dive into a month in the life as a regional pilot and how that changes as you move up the seniority list.


Hi Brandon!

My seniority was above 50% at that time. Ballpark was somewhere between 35-50%. I don’t remember exactly because my seniority was changing drastically during my last few months at Horizon.

I left Horizon the following month and my seniority was about 35% by the time I left and I got Christmas off.

CQ includes ground and sim. At Horizon, ground is conducted in PDX. Sim could be in SEA or anywhere a sim can be reserved. Horizon often used Flight Safety’s sim in STL. I heard that they were looking to acquire more. My sims were in SEA. So, I was only out of town for two days.

Horizon has had plans of moving the schoolhouse up to SEA, but the pandemic derailed that plan. The latest I’ve heard is that they are expanding the current building to meet current hiring demands.


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