Oakland Hayward Location

Hey all I have a intro flight this weekend at the Hayward location, as I hope to start classes there after working out financing. I would like to reviews or comments regarding the Oakland locations thanks.

And BTW. I’m excited to finally at least schedule my intro fight! :slight_smile:

Hey Earv,

Although I’ve never been to the Oakland location I’ve heard good things. Enjoy and have fun. How about you give us a review of the location after your visit?


No problem! :slight_smile: Will the intro flight also give an overview of the program and what to expect?


You’ll get a tour of the facility and it’s a great opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have with someone that is currently going through the program as well as what to expect.


GREAT!! I plan on bring moms and pops too!! Even tho im 23 years old lol. I guess they should be informed on the debt im about to accumulate lol.

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I think bringing another set of ears and eyes is a great idea. Make sure they feel free to ask questions as well.

Congrats! For my “first career” (14 years and still current for a few more months), my office is in Oakland, and I have worked at nearly every airport in the bay area through that time. MCC, MHR, SUU(Travis AFB), C83, APC, OAK, HWD, RHV, SJC, NUQ(Moffett Federal), SQL, SFO… From mapping the full length of 01R at SFO in the middle of the night, to construction staking the fuel tank farm and pump lines for Swissport at OAK, I’m a Land/Hydrographic Surveyor.

Anyway, the one thing I can tell you is that flying in the bay area can be very stressful in a small plane if you haven’t done it before. While this may be advantageous to training in the long run, it could also be a stumbling block…especially for initial training if you’re starting from zero. I am applying for ATP Sacramento at KSAC, because it is 20min from where I live currently. I got my PPL in the central valley, and have flown into the bay area a few times, and I can say without question that the valley is a much more relaxing place to learn!

Good luck with whatever you choose…

Thanks for the feedback!! Seems Fun!!! I was really questioning the quality of the location like instructors and everything.


The quality of the instructors at any ATP location should be exactly the same because they all had the same training, went through the same standardization course and are held to the same standards. ATP really strives to offer a consistent product at all of its locations.



With all due respect I completely disagree. I did my Private training at Teterboro airport. TEB is the busiest corporate airport in the world and it’s located in the NY Tracon directly under EWR’s Class B. Yes it was challenging at first but the learning curve was phenomenal. That experience has served me very well over the years. To this day I fly with professional pilots who still have comm issues. I never have. The Law of Primacy states what we learn first tends to stay with us longest.



Thanks for the clarification on that, and I totally agree that it can be a big help down the road! I’m in constant practice at being more succinct, by “While this may be advantageous to training in the long run, it could also be a stumbling block…” I simply meant that it could be a trade-off between an easier time concentrating on the basics in inital private training, and better long-run training from the busier location. Or at least for me, I fell like I didn’t absorb as much on the two dual training flights into the bay area which I had during my initial (at maybe 25 and 35 hours tt), I’m fine with the bay airspace now… Due to differences in how people learn I suppose “YMMV” applies like many things.

Either way, I have seen both ATP locations, HWD and SAC, they both seem like nice places to learn with equivalent aircraft up to the ATP standard.


James my friend “if it were easy everyone would do it, it’s the hard that makes it great”.


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Touché Adam… Touché :wink:

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Hi Earv,

I just started at the Oakland location, with credit for Private, a couple of weeks ago. I can tell you that so far I have been very impressed. All of the instructors are great and bring different experiences and knowledge to the table. If one instructor is having difficulty explaining something in a way that clicks with you, they don’t hesitate to bring in another instructor to explain it in a different way. That kind of resource is invaluable. Also, each instructor makes a point to know who you are and all seem personally invested in your success – whether they are your instructor or not. Also, concerning the bay area airspace, I think Adam is absolutely correct. It’s challenging at first, but the experience you gain will benefit you for years to come. The practice area itself isn’t that congested so you’ll be able to concentrate on your training without all the distractions. I hope to see you there in the near future.



Thank you so much for the positive report. Glad things are going well. Keep up the good work and the reports.


Thanks for the Insite!! After visiting on sat i like everything and everyone i met from the instructors to the students look forward to start in either may or June! Hopefully may :grimacing:

Does the oakland or livermore location offer all the FAA certificates?
How much is the program?


All of ATP’s locations offer the exact same training. Pricing information is readily available on ATP’s website.