Obtaining CPL in foreign country worth it?

I would like to become a pilot, eventually become ATP certified however to cost here in the US is very expensive. I am both an American and Brazilian citizen. If I were to get my CPL and other certifications done in Brazil it would be more cost effective. My question is would it be worth becoming a pilot in a foreign country then trying to cover my certifications or would it be a “Wast of time”? If anyone could give me some sort of guidance on how I should proceed would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


This sounds like a non-conventional way of earning flight certificates. To me, it makes more sense to get certificates in the country that you will be flying in.

But if you wanted to go through the trouble, once you earn your foreign Commercial, convert it to an FAA PPL, then you can build on that (more checkrides!)



It can be done but it’s a process.




I would train wherever it is that you want to work professionally. Flying is very different in various countries and it is best to learn where you will be working.