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October ‘21 Schedule

Should be about 80 credits for October. October was actually quite nice. It’s been a while since I’ve had the ability to rearrange my schedule after my schedule has been published, but October was good to me.

November and December however…that’s a different story. In order to accommodate the largest hiring wave the company has ever seen, our schedules have been greatly reduced, and as a result, many pilots that had a line are now back on reserve and a lot of the trips are very inefficient, i.e. long sits between flights, short credit trips, aircraft swaps, min rest…all that “good stuff.”

Thankfully I escaped airport jail—I mean reserve!



Hi Tory, nice you got Halloween off! I also notice there are several 1 day trips (Oct 23, 28, 29, 30) but believe that 3 or 4 day trips are more common, correct?

Hi Ravi!

Yes! Exactly. Normally I fly 3-4 day trips, but with the ability to drop some trips in October I was able to pick up some day trips! :grin:

And yes, Halloween was nice. I haven’t celebrated a holiday in 3 years. Our son is too little to remember any of it but we had fun.



You haven’t celebrated any holidays in 3 years? I know pilots usually work over holidays but I’d figure you’d have to get the luck of the draw at some point and get at least one. :rofl: That must be tough but I guess you get used to it.


Doh! Of course I have. I just meant it’s been 3 years since I’ve not had to work on a holiday.


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