Offline IRA test prep?

I just started the sheppard air IRA program and they only allow the installation of the program onto a single device. They also strongly recommend using their program only and to avoid other test prep strategies. That being said, I will be offline and away from my device for a few days and I was wondering if there was something I could use in the meantime. I am leaning towards the instrument flying handbook that ATP provides but I am open to suggestion.


The Instrument Flying Handbook is a fine book but I wouldn’t use it to study for the FAA Knowledge Test, it goes wayyyyy too deep. If I were you and it’s only a few days I just wouldn’t worry about it and just hit the Sheppard’s hard when you get back.


I’m pretty sure you can use SheppardAir offline, you’ll just receive a notice saying it isn’t updated.

I spoke to Mike, the head instructor at Sheppard, and he recommended ground school prior to using their program. I’m currently in the middle of the IRA, and as everyone else has said on here, that’s all you need to use for the written. I thought it was crazy at first, but I’m actually catching on to it now. Just follow the system.

Is there a pdf handbook?