OKC, Addison, and Arlington experiences

thanks got it figured out


With all due respect you’re really overthinking this. Choose the school that’s most convenient for you. You’ll have the same resources at every location and the opportunity to fly into a variety of airspace.

If there was one “best” location then everyone would go there and ATP could save alot in rent.



You are WAY over-thinking this. ATP would not have a location at a place where the airspace was too congested. That would not make sense for them or for you. As for maintenance, just because ATP does not have a MX base there, does not mean that maintenance does not occur. I worked at a smaller ATP location that did not have maintenance on the field, when an issue came up, they had the local maintenance contractor take care of it. This is the same way the airlines handle these things at non MX locations.

You will fly in and out of various airspaces no matter where you train. The student experience really varies very little form one location to the next.

I would simply pick the location that works best for you and not give it any further thought.