Old School Wisdom

Here’s a oldie but a goodie for yawl to ponder. Not saying I’m the former, but I do aspire to be :slight_smile:

There are airmen and there are pilots: the first being part bird whose view from aloft is normal and comfortable, a creature whose brain and muscles frequently originate movements which suggest flight; and then there are pilots who regardless of their airborne time remain earth-loving bipeds forever. When these latter unfortunates, because of one urge or another, actually make an ascension, they neither anticipate nor relish the event and they drive their machines with the same graceless labor they inflict upon the family vehicle.

– Ernest K. Gann


A book all of us should read…

You can always tell when a man’s lost his soul to flying. The poor bastard is hopelessly committed to stopping whatever he is doing long enough to look up and make sure the aircraft purring overhead continues on course and does not suddenly fall out of the sky. It is also his bound duty to watch every aircraft within view take off and land.

~ Ernest K. Gann, Fate Is the Hunter


So true, I look up every single time I hear an airplane.