Oldest for Major

Just curious what the mentors have ever saw in regards to age and Majors. What’s the oldest pilot you’ve ever saw hired as a FO at a major coming from a regional.

Also, theoretically speaking, could someone bypass the regionals if they had the required time built up from flying on their own? I know this happens if you’re prior military, but I’m talking in regards to someone who isn’t a prior military pilot who just flew enough for fun that had all the time requirements and was current? Would that ever be likely to happen or do they want to see prior regional experience?

Nobody is going to hire you with that grammar…


The oldest pilot hired by a major, that I’ve heard of is 60.

That would be EXTREMELY rare. So rare, near improbable. The majors want to see experience in part 121 ops and they want to see jet time.


I’d say that grammar is above average for most of the posts on this forum. Haha



I met a 56yo newhire a few weeks back while jsing on United. Def not the norm.

As for bypassing the question become why would they? Let’s say you owned an airline and were looking for a pilot. Would you hire the Regional Capt with thousands of hours experience flying a jet while working for an airline. Someone who understands not just the flying but the operational aspects of the job OR would you hire the guy who’s been tooling around the country in his Skyhawk? Not really a choice the is it?


Haha Derek I was just having fun - “saw” vs “seen”. All good just joshing :joy:

Oh I know. Just thought I’d make a little remark about the grammar on this forum :smile:


The oldest that I have personally heard of was 57.

No, there is no bypassing the regionals. The majors want to see actual airline experience. Not to mention that most majors have a requirement for jet time and it would be really hard to build that time by flying on your own.


Why do they not hire old people? I thought they cannot discriminate against old people?


Its not that they don’t take “old people”. It’s simply a bad investment. It costs considerable money to train a pilot and the airlines have a mandatory retirement age of 65. That’s 40+years for someone in their 20’s but when you start talking 40s, 50s and 60s the self-life of a pilot keeps going down. Further most pilots who have gotten to those ages really don’t want to start over from the bottom. It ready doesn’t make sense for either party other than some people wanting to check a box. And while that’s all well and good the airlines really aren’t genies who grant wishes. Not when it costs them tens of thousands of dollars they’ll never recover.


So you are saying, they do look at age?

No I’m saying your required to put your date of birth on your application.


Yes but at the same time by law they cannot discriminate by age right?

That is correct. However there are about 864 other reasons they can think of to not hire you so it’s not a problem.


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