One income Family

We are a one income family. Has anyone else started this journey and go a loan to replace income? I make a decent amount of money right not but wont be able to go 7 months without being paid. How can I go through school and work (Or can get I get a loan to replace income as well?)


If you’re talking about ATP, you would not be able to work and train. Most people are in similar boats and simply take out a higher loan amount to cover living expenses.

The alternative is training part-time locally. Problem is that’s incredibly inefficient, expensive and frustrating.



A lot of people who attend ATP were/are in the same situation about not having an income for seven months (if not longer).
I would sit down and look at your true living expenses per month (rent/mortgage, insurance, car payments, medical, and any other expenses) and save that amount for at least ten months or more (rainy days) for your living expenses. Hope this makes sense. Stay true to that budget so you and your family don’t overspend. You all need to be in this together!
You also can check out taking extra money on your loan for cost of living and to help pay for your check rides. That’s what I did to help out that much more.

Working outside of ATP is HIGHLY, HIGHLY frown upon. After all, this is a full time job and then some. Plus, why would you do something halfa*s if you’re spending over $100,000 along with the possibility of compromising safety in your training and with all of the passengers/cargo on board at your future employer?
I know two people at my location who worked while in training but they both ended up leaving their jobs shortly afterwards because of the time that was needed at ATP. ATP and your instructor, are not going to work around your “outside work” schedule. If you’re not prepared or don’t show up to your scheduled flight, it just cost you money and you didn’t get to fly.
One of the student is now a CFI at ATP and the other just completed his commercial check ride the other day. They made the smart decision to leave their employer.
If you want this bad enough, you will find a way!



You can add about $2000/month for living expenses in to the cost of your loan to help you get through the 7 months. Once you graduate from the program, you can apply to dozens of tuition reimbursement programs that will cover the loan payments until you get to 1500 hours and begin working for the airline.


Have you considered getting your PPL at a different school before you start ATP? You could get that while you work and that would shorten the ATP program by a couple of months.

It could also delay your start and career for months, even years.


I’m almost more concerned about making ends meet during CFI work. If everything goes as planned we’ll have very few expenses during the training phase, but unless my wife and boy stay in China for another few years, we’re going to at least need to find a cheap apartment and another car :face_exhaling:

I’m saving as much as I can this next year and probably taking that extra $2000 a month on the loan. Hopefully we are able to rent out our house.