One year to go

Hello mentors and thanks for your continued commitment to this blog! I love to jump in here and read from time to time.

I passed my first class medical in February because the original plan was for me to start ATP in June. However, life happens and plans were adjusted. Now the plan is for me to start next year in June or July. So what can I do right now in the meantime? I know I’ll have to re take the first class medical next year prior to applying and I don’t want to take any tests yet beacuae I have a year to go. Any suggestions? Are there any good books or magazines that I can read in the meantime to expand and broaden my knowledge in the industry? Or purely for entertainment purposes?

As always, thanks for your input!

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Hi Evelyn,

Sorry about the delay but as you say life happens and I also believe everything happens for a reason so it’s all good. I have nothing specific I would just do what you’re doing, read forums, articles and anything else that peaks your interest. A year is nothing. You’ll be up before you know it.



I would recommend subscribing to AOPA, it is a group for people interested in general aviation. AOPA publishes a monthly magazine that is rather informative and it a good view into the world of aviation.


Thanks for the recommendation. I’m a little disappointed that my training will not begin this year but on the bright side, it gives us more time to make sure we are financially prepared for the program, especially now that it has been extended by 3 months.

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