Online degree

Is it practical to get an online degree in aviation? How would I be able to learn to fly?


Getting a degree online is a very practical alternative to actually attending college or university for many people and the reason it’s become so very popular. You can get online degree’s in virtually every field of study from aviation to music appreciation. That said while you will gain knowledge there obviously is no practical experience which is why you can have a Masters in Aviation Science, Aviation Business Mgmt, and many other Aviation related subjects, none of which will earn you a pilot’s license or any of the required ratings. For that you need to take FLIGHT LESSONS.


Hey Chandler,

Yes it is very practical to get a degree online. That is the course I have taken, and it has been working out very well for me so far. I am about 2 years in to the degree right now and it fits in perfectly with my job at SkyWest.

What is your background?


I am in the Air Force right now. There are not many schools close to me offering aviation and I was thinking of online classes. I’m hoping by the time I leave the military, which will be in 2022, I will be able to transition straight to a regional airline


There are schools that can offer theoretical degrees in aviation, but certainly not pilot certificates. For that you will need to go to a flight school and take flying lessons, there is no other way around that.

Also, you will need 1,500 hours of flight time to get hired on at a regional airline. Most people build that time by flight instructing, which I think you might have a difficult time doing while being active duty. If I were you I would plan on a few years (about 2) in between leaving the Air Force and getting hired by an airline.



Try Embry Riddle Worldwide. TA covers the cost. I am currently going through them for my degree. Your military (smart transcripts) can help you knock a few electives out of the way depending on the type of job you have. I am currently in the Navy and have about 11 months left. I have been able to knock out quite a bit (2 more classes for my associates) in just a year and a half while serving. it is really manageable. I would love to go through ATP but unfortunately the post 9/11 doesn’t cover the cost. So i’ve decided to go another route that is paid for by the benefits. I’ve done a fair bit of research for schools that are covered by the post 9/11. Let me know if you have any questions and i’ll be more than happy to help you out!

What flight schools are out there that post 9/11 covers?

You should really look into University of North Dakota, Community College of Baltimore County, and Coast Flight San Diego. ATP has always been appealing to me because of the timeline. I completely agree with Adam when he talks about the amount time you can save if you’re trying to get to the right seat of a regional… It might put you back 60K but when you look at it, thats 3 years sooner to getting that upgrade to captain. I’d love to go the ATP route. I haven’t completely abandoned that yet.