Real Answers from Real Pilots


Very often we get people asking about which airline is best bla bla bla. There are a couple of new players in the market (most notibly Breeze by former JetBlue founder and CEO Neeleman). While time will tell how successful they may or may not be, I see this as an excellent opportunity for a young pilot. Imagine being one of the first 50-100 pilots hired at JetBlue or Spirit? At this point you’d be sitting pretty on top of a large seniority groups enjoying all the perks that affords a pilot.

Obviously these airlines aren’t on anyone’s wish list but I’m thinking if I was 25 and looking at a 40yr career this might be an excellent opportunity to get in early and watch you career progress as your climb the ranks.


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It would be an interesting opportunity. It will be interesting to see how well they do, their route map certainly has some interesting choices.