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Orlando vs. Daytona Choosing?

Do they require you to lock in for multiple programs or just lock in per license/certificate/rating?

Will they give you a discount if you sign a conditional work agreement?

Do they bundle their programs to give you a discount?

Do you have to buy your own insurance or do they provide it?

Are they wet or dry pricing?

How congested is the airspace?


You really should visit ATPs website as you really have some confusion as to how the program works. That said here’s some answers:

  1. There are basically 2 programs available. One takes you from zero time to all your CFIs, the other gives you credit for your Private if you already have it. There is no “per” rating or license.

  2. See above

  3. ATP students are covered by ATP but you can of course purchase additional on your own.

  4. ATPs pricing is not per hour so it’s neither. The price is inclusive of everything you’ll need to successful earn all your licenses and ratings and more important is based on realistic hours not FAA minimums.

  5. Both airports are fairly busy which is good for training but not so busy as to be detrimental to the program. If that is a concern ATP actually has 59 locations across the country.

Again I recommend you spend some time on the website and come back with more questions should you have any.