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Hi guys.

Thanks for the forums. I enjoy them.
I had a question about age and it has been answered in several of the post.
I am 44 yrs old. I don’t expect to make it far as a airline pilot but as long as I can fly, I’ll be happy. However, the funds are not eazy to come by. An with the loan, I’ll be in debt for a long time on a regional pilot’s pay. The cost of flight training ($70,000 +++) compared to the time I have is something I think about.
I was thinking about other aviation careers. The airline dispatcher seems to be more of a realistic goal for me at this time. What’s you feelings about becoming a dispatcher?

Hello Oguise,

Listen, I never try and talk anyone into being a pilot and if you want to go another way by all means. Have a few friends who are dispatchers and they all seem pretty happy. Dispatchers are a vital part of every airline and actually share responsibility as to “operational control” with the Capt. so it’s a serious job. Obviously you’re not flying but you’re also home every night. The earning potential is lower as well (I think the average range is $75-100k?) but as you said you don’t have the debt and you can get there faster. You also get the travel benefits which is a nice perk. Honestly it comes down to whether you think it’s something you’d enjoy?


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If you are interested here is a link to ATP’s dispatcher training program: