Overnighting In The Airlines

This question gets asked frequently (in person and on the forum) whether it’s “what’s your favorite overnight” or “what do you do,” I figured I’d share mine. A lot of times our overnights may consist of minimal rest periods or longer ones. While the minimum ones aren’t always the best because I like to get out and explore day/night, it does mean that eventually I get a longer overnight.

I try to find small businesses and local shops to check out; cafes, restaurants, historical places. If I have an early morning that ends early in the afternoon, I try to find a coffee place and get dinner. Vice versa, I tend to workout after breakfast, find the gym, then go for a walk and find a cafe/coffee shop. I generally will take my iPad or laptop on the adventure; whether that is top pop on the forum, browse the NYSE or social media platforms that I monitor/manage. I have been recently working on some graphic design projects for my hometown local airport and working with the pilots’ organization on concepts/ideas to improve our airport - yes, I am still big in general aviation as it’s where every pilot has to start in their journey/career.

Other than that, I like to sleep and drink water. :slightly_smiling_face:

Brownie points if anyone can name the location of this above photo^


Looks like Montgomery, AL


Nice to see you’re getting out often on the overnights. I think it’s pretty important to get out every once in a while so that we don’t just see the inside of the plane and the hotel, even if half of them are close to min rest. I should probably get out more than I do, but I also love to sleep, so I probably don’t get out as much as I’d like.

My guess was also going to be Montgomery AL. It’s definitely the southeast and it doesn’t look like any city I’ve been to in Alabama (state flag in the second pic).


Montgomery, AL, it is.

It’s up there on the list of overnights I enjoy being at. There’s some good BBQ not far from the hotel we stay at called Dreamland BBQ.

@RoscoeL, I always try to get out. As you know, we sit quite a bit and constriction of the blood flow can cause future problems, so I love to get out and about. There’s a great sweet’s shop there called Lorraine’s Bake Shop, highly recommend it, if you get the chance.


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Brady (or anyone who would like to chime in)

Out of curiosity, are pilots able to bring check bags (if there’s room) with them on flights? For example I enjoy golfing, say I had a long overnight somewhere that has a golf course I’ve been wanting to play at. Could I bring my clubs with me?



Sure! I know pilots who bring clubs, skis, surfboards, snowboards, etc etc etc.


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I have seen pilots bring guitars/ukuleles, never seen golf clubs yet. I’ve thought about taking a tennis racquet or two for the warmer weather overnights.


That’s cause golf clubs won’t fit on a RJ! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

C’mon, you asked for that one! :wink:





I have brought some rather large stuff with me on trips. It can be a bit of a pain to bring large items, but it is certainly doable, it helps to be the boss :slight_smile: