PAR exam done!

Day 3 with ATP!
Today was a day full of emotions! After several weeks of studying for 4-5hrs/day and many sleepless nights trying to manage time with family and studying for my PAR exam. I had to embrace the struggle and just imagine how it would feel after the goal is accomplished and today was that day! Officially I can say I passed my private pilot written exam!! The first step of many to come!! let’s go!!


Congrats man! One down! Did you get any of the written done before?

Getting the PAR done on your third day in the program was really smart. I am glad that you were able to get that done so quickly. The rest of your time can now be spent getting ready for what’s next to come.

Pretty soon you’ll be soloing!



Well done!! The written exams is the same format throughout. In my opinion, that first written is the hardest, especially when you’re new to flying. As you continue, studying for future writtens will be easier because you now know what it takes to be prepared, and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into as you move forward.


Awesome thanks Tory ! I look forward to the day I solo ! :call_me_hand:

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You nailed it ! Yup it’s the foundation and it will definitely make it easier to prepare ! I felt out of my element at first but I’m making it my element ! No shortcuts :call_me_hand:


Thanks ! Yeah I prepared for 2weeks prior to my start date and set the date forcing myself to be prepared by it so I had to be ready . :call_me_hand:

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Good work, now you can start actually learning the material :slight_smile:



Nicely done, getting that PAR out of the way early on will allow you so much more time to focus on learning the knowledge and really get an experience of flying the airplane. From a Lead Instructor standpoint, seeing the difference of being prepared to take it within the first week of program compared (or completed prior to start) to waiting for the program outline scheduled date, I see a happier side of student, almost like a relief. From your comment about “sleepless nights,” I don’t think you will feel that during your training since you have the upper hand. Start working on your Guided Independent Study videos in your Extranet, there are around 100+ PVT ones that must be completed within 31 days; The sooner you can start to stay ahead, the better the experience is (from what I’ve seen and heard from my training center). I always encourage new start students at my location to never stop striving to stay ahead.


Nicely done! The first one can be quite daunting but now you know what to expect! I’m sure you’ve been told but for the IRA and every written after you’ll now be using Sheppard air, a test prep software. If you have questions about it let me know and I can elaborate (or anyone at your training center could help you as well).

Hey Brady !

Thanks for the response I definitely agree! Been awesome finally being able to fly and put what I’ve learned into reality plus not stress over studying for the PAR. I’m over half way through the GIS videos should be able to finish up over the next couple days . Also been working alot of my IFR study modules shooting to take it by the end of this month. The grind Never stops the target just moves!


Hey Hannah!

Thanks yeah your totally right ! The next test preparation will be more easy to grasp since the foundation has been built. Yeah I’m finishing up with King IFR then starting Sheppard ! Thanks for the support :call_me_hand:


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