Part 107 Pilot

Hi All,

I hold a part 107 license…I know that doesn’t mean I know how to fly a real aircraft… but it does mean I have an FAA license number and an iacra login. So will all my ATP training run through my current license or will I be creating new accounts for the ATP training? Not sure if anyone has run across this before.



Good question and once you’ve got an IACRA acct it’s yours forever (like old socks and herpes). I actually went the other way and haf my 107 added to my ATP. Easiest rating I ever got :wink:


Lol! I bet! Hoping all the YouTube videos I’ve watched on reading sectional charts and notams at least make the ATP coursework seem somewhat familiar. Either that or I’ll know just enough to confuse the hell out of myself!

Let is know, now I’m curious?


Nice! Hey that’s one less thing you have to learn from scratch. Plus your instructor will appreciate you already having Iacra set up. It’s one of the things you do in the beginning of your program anyway. Hope it’s a good number, you’ll have that with you your entire career. After 7 checkrides in 7 months you’ll have it memorized!

YouTube can be a helpful tool. Or you can get your writtens done early and then learn the material once you enroll. Most have found this approach to be very helpful.