Part 135

Hello all, I’m enrolling into a flight school this month but i’m leaning more towards the corporate side of aviation(private jets). I know most of you are airline pilots but i’d thought i ask… I wanted to know if there is a demand for corporate pilots just as much as there is with the airlines? If so, are the hiring requirements the same?


While the requirements are pretty much the same, corporate is more about networking, particularly for the better jobs.

To answer your other question, no the demand is nowhere near as high in corporate as it is for the airlines. Think about how many more planes and flights airlines have vs companies and individuals with private jets.

There are many good threads on the subject. I recommend you do some browsing on the forum.


Hey Adam,

I was under the impression that corporate was having a hard time keeping pilots because they could make more in the airlines, due to the shortage. Is that not the case?


The pilot shortage is affecting every element of the industry but again we’re simply talking numbers here. Your average corp flt dept may need 6-10 pilots to staff it, Delta for example has about 13,000 with literally hundreds retiring yearly.


Gotcha, so more a question of ratios. When a Part 135 needs 20% more pilots it’s a much different story than a Major needing 20% more pilots…


Feel free to search “Flyexclusive” here on the forum. You’ll find older posts about my experience flying there. There is also my schedules in the schedules section.

We also have a few pilots who have flown for various 135 carriers that list their experiences. Hopefully you find those helpful.

The 135 side is hurting for pilots too, just not enough pilots to go around but as Adam explained, not nearly as bad as 121. Hiring requirements have come down across the board but you still should get your ATP certificate to get any serious career-maker jobs.