Part 141 vs Part 61

I’m currently doing my CFI Renewal online. In the past as an Ground Instructor I was simply able to go to the FSDO and show my student records and be done BUT the local FSDO has a “different interpretation” of the regs so here I am. I’m not here to bash the FAA but I believe the current torture I’m experiencing is a clear demonstration of the difference in the whole 61 vs 141 debate. To complete my CFI Online renewal the FAA has set a minimum time requirement for study. The course is very comprehensive and I take no issue with it. The problem is because of the min time requirement (similar to the min training requirements of Part 141) the slide I’m currently reviewing has a “15 minimum viewing time” while it only took me 2 minutes to read and take notes on. While I’d love to move forward I’m not allowed to proceed until the min time is reached. I’m currently writing this post while the timer on my other computer counts down the 15 minutes until I can click to the next slide. While I’m all for thorough and comprehensive training I fail to see the benefit of forcing someone to simply meet a time or hour requirement in order to check a box. The word inefficient comes to mind (and some others I’ll spare you from).

Anyway, that’s my little rant but I do believe it’s relevant, time to click to the next slide… someone please shoot me!



Who did you use to do the CFI renewal online? In addition, does it cover all CFI-MEI in one?

I use American Flyers. They charge a one time fee of $99. You can use their course every two years to renew your CFIs, the only fee is a small one for them to file your paperwork with the FAA.

sounds like a good deal.

It is, I have been using them for years.

Does one online class cover all the CFI-MEI renewals for two years?

Yes it covers your CFI certificate with all of its add-ons.


Yep, it covers all of them. It is pretty straight forward and easy to do.

I think you’ll find most pilots go with American Flyers because of the free lifetime subscription. That said I’m not as enthused as Chris. Easy to do? Perhaps but it’s painfully mind-numbing!


Hey Adam, I think you’re ready for your next slide!

I’m saddened to inform you all that Adam is no longer with us. After hours of staring mindlessly at his computer filled with a billions of random CFR references he finally hung himself with his zipper tie. The authorities are investigating various members of the FAA and American Flyers as this is clearly a case of murder. He left his flight case, kneeboard and Bose to be put on permanent display at the ATP museum. :frowning:

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Ugh, I take it you finished the renewal?

I never took you to be a zipper tie kind of guy. Must be a Jersey thing :slight_smile:

I did but it was a constant internal battle between my desire to keep my CFIs vs throwing my computer out the window.

LOVE the zipper tie. Not a Jersey thing so much as a lazy thing :slight_smile:

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If it makes you feel any better it’s the same in any Government overseen field. Something about Government Oversight is equal to Unneeded redundancy.

In Fire/EMS we have to re-cert every 3 yrs and it’s the same with the timed slides. When I re-cert my EMT it’s playing in the background while I do work in the foreground and then check back every 10-20 minutes to hit next. Now multiply that to 24-48hrs of slides every 2-3 yrs.

Nope, don’t feel better at all. Just sad for us both :frowning:


Well it’s better to cry on a sunny, Hawaiian beach than the Mid Atlantic region!! :joy::joy:

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Or pretty much anywhere else :slight_smile:

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